Customer Experience in 2018

First, we delve into the vision of an integrated customer experience, setting the stage with trends and examples. Basically, what is CX, and more importantly, what is it not? Discover how to get the maximum result from your CX approach in 2018, and beyond…

By Mark de Groot, Marketing Director EMEA at Oracle

Mark de Groot:
"I create digital dreams and ... make them real. My passion covers Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and the use of Big Data to help companies to deliver relevant and memorable humanlike experiences. But before they can do that, they have to change the way they work, think and innovate. Tear down the siloes and combine the five digital forces! When you will ask me the question what the five forces are, I will inspire you (and your clients) by painting sunny skies, but I am also capable to turn this into actionable first steps to start the (digital) transformation today."


Mark de Groot

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